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Babe, surprise me for Good Friday.

Buy flour on your way home. I'll bake a cake

The car is damned dirty.
Up for it?

Less work.
More cuddles.

Come to bed.
You've got work to do.

Errands and paperwork.
Yes, that too.

Make him clean his mess. For points.

Take me to the movies like in the good old days.

Internet is fixed. How are you gonna thank me?

Dinner with your mother?
Difficulty 10/10.

It's time for you to get your driving license, dear.

You're so sexy when you sweat, you know that?

With Dish Out, we'll make you get what you want from your partner. And vice versa.

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Coming soon, May 2014!

Love is about reciprocity and complementarity. Dish Out will allow couples to create 'missions' for each other and get things done hand in hand. Be it for daily chores, household tasks or life-goal challenges, there's always something extra that can be done to show that you care.

You tried post-it notes. You made new years' resolutions. Truth is, there's a too many things to do and it's harder to remember everything. With Dish Out, suggest, agree and complete 'missions' with your partner via your phones and put some valuable productivity in your relationship!

Make your life a game and prove you deserve your chill time in the sofa. Dish Out will bring the competitive factor and extra motivation by making you earn points, collect badges and send virtual gifts to your beloved one. Manage your missions like a boss and receive achievements in 12 categories!